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5 Best Apps for Canadian Drivers

While using your smartphone while driving is illegal, many smartphone apps can help make your journey much more enjoyable when used before or after your time on the road. Take a look at our pick of top apps for Canadian drivers.

Google Maps

Price: Free Get it on: Apple iOS and Android devices

Google Maps may be basic in terms of lacking many fancy features other GPS apps have; but what it does do, it does very well. Directions are crystal clear, especially with the voice option for safe hands-free driving. You can also filter out tolls and highways to ensure you’re taking a route you’re comfortable with. To save time, login in with your Google ID and set Home and Work addresses so using the app is almost as fast as clicking your heels together!


Price: Free Get it on: Apple iOS, Android and Windows devices

City driving often brings on thoughts of nightmarish traffic jams, accidents, and unexpected road hazards, but with Waze and its’ community of map editors that update maps in real time, you can plan a safe and fast route wherever your headed. Be alerted when hazards arise, and even plan where to stop for the cheapest gas.


Price: Free Get it on: Apple iOS, and Android

Whether your tracking your mileage for work or personal use, do it like a pro. MileBug lets you input everything from rate per kilometre, the purpose of a trip, expenses such as gas, parking, or tolls, and which car you’re driving. Then, quickly export your data reports to HTML or CSV format.

Gas Buddy

Price: Free Get it on: Apple iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices

Feel good about filling up using Gas Buddy. With a community of users reporting gas prices everyday, you can find the cheapest price wherever you are. You can even use Gas Buddy’s Trip Cost Calculator to see how much your next road trip will run you. And don’t forget to submit gas prices yourself – earn points and rewards each time!


Price: Free Get it on: Apple iOS devices

Never walk laps of the parking garage again! Honk lets you set the GPS location of your parking space, take a picture, make voice and note memos, and input a meter time. Easily find your way back to your car without the worry of a ticket on the windshield!

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