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Dissatisfied Para Transpo riders demand changes to the system

"Late buses, long wait times, missed appointments: These may be new issues for commuters riding the LRT, but Para Transpo riders already know that feeling all too well.

“LRT [riders] have been complaining for two months, but Para Transpo riders have been complaining for years,” said John Redins, a long-time Para Transpo rider and advocate for accessible transport.

Para Transpo is a reservation-only bus service for Ottawa residents who cannot take conventional transit because of a disability. It is run by OC Transpo, the city’s public transit agency. Passengers pay $3.60 for a standard ride.

People who use the service don’t like the booking system, its scheduling process or its often-delayed buses. Fed-up Para Transpo riders are now mobilizing to press for better service."

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