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Shuttle Bus Services

A Safer Commute

MSL will work with you to customize a scheduled shuttle bus service to meet the unique needs of your company. The service presents a new dimension to workplace travel by converting non-productive travel time into safe and productive staff time.


This personalized approach to commuting allows staff to enjoy their travel worry free in the comfort of our shuttle buses. Transportation issues such as vehicle maintenance, parking, inclement weather commuting and stress created from rush hour driving are no longer a concern. Reducing the time employees spend on public transportation helps to safe-guard all employees against the spread of COVID-19.

Examples of different types of daily scheduled shuttles that we operate:

  • transporting staff from company site to site

  • microtransit to and from transit stops in the morning and afternoon

  • off-site parking shuttles

  • transportation to and from local shopping centres throughout the day

Cost effective employee transportation

  • Reduce the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 to employees

  • Increased staff moral

  • Staff can plan around their arrival and departure times

  • Staff can work and meet on the bus during transit

  • Parking costs, taxi costs and car allowances are minimized or eliminated

  • Mail service between company sites

  • Exterior or interior bus advertising for additional revenues or company advertising


 20 Years of Service

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