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Environmental Initiatives

Committed to the Future

Mulmer Services Ltd. is committed to improving our air quality by reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. We accomplish this by utilizing best driving practices and exploring the use of alternative fuels in our buses.

Efficient Driving

Best driving practices encompass a wide array of skills and techniques. A few that pertain directly to reducing green house gases and carbon emissions are:

  • No idling when buses are parked at their destinations

  • Never exceed the posted speed limit

  • Starting and stopping in a smooth and gentle manner

  • Not utilizing unnecessary electrical accessories

  • Operating buses that are mechanically fit and serviced regularly


Fuel Alternatives

Alternative fuels that we have identified include compressed natural gas, biodiesel, propane and low sulfur diesel. All of our diesel powered buses run on low sulfur diesel and we are exploring the use of propane or natural gas as duel fuels.

Our Commitment

It is the responsibility of all staff and management at Mulmer Services Ltd. to adhere to our environmental policy. Our policy forms an integral part of our company and will be actively practiced on a daily basis.

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