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Last Mile Program

Overcome the last mile challenge with private employee shuttle buses


The ‘Last Mile Challenge’ is the final leg in the transportation equation, delivering commuters from major transit hubs to their workplaces in a convenient, time-efficient manner.

A study by Statistics Canada confirmed the sentiment that many commuters feel every day—the longer their commute takes, the less enjoyable it is

36.5 percent of Greater Toronto Area (GTA) residents access public transit daily to get to work.

Toronto has the longest average commute time in Canada, an average of 52.5 minutes.

The growing trend of employee shuttle buses


Most commuters must ‘overcome the last mile’ by seeking additional public transportation, cycling or taxiing. Overcoming the last mile is often exacerbated by rush hour congestion, poor weather conditions, or unexpected traffic delays. With long commute times, limited parking and growing congestion across the GTA, how can employers alleviate the burden of daily travel on its employees?

Mulmer Services specializes in customized private staff shuttle buses that bridge the ‘last mile’ for commuters. At present, MSL operates 70 vehicles ranging in capacity from 14 passenger transits to 40 passenger buses. We have a presence across the GTA, operating daily private shuttle buses from Unionville, Scarborough Town Centre, Don Mills, York Mills, Finch, Long Branch, Kipling, and Union stations. Each week, MSL delivers thousands of passengers to and from their workplaces in a safe and timely manner.

Mulmer Services prides itself on excellent customer service and superior driver training. Our fleet is equipped with GPS tracking software that allows us to optimize routing based on real-time traffic conditions across the city. 

How do you help staff overcome the last mile challenge?
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