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Canada’s Top 100 Employers rise to the top for their focus on mental health, social impact and work-

"Who are Canada’s Top 100 Employers?

Quite simply, they are the best that set the standard for doing business in Canada. They have built exceptional organizations where best practices are the norm, where progressive and innovative programs push the boundaries to make the workplace better for their people. For instance, Export Development Canada in Ottawa features a new wellness program offering staff free confidential health screenings and Vancouver-based Telus Corp. is piloting an emotional support app enabling employees to connect with trained professionals 24/7. Top employers treat their employees well.

All 100 invest in their employees’ individual growth by offering opportunities for career development with in-house training and support for ongoing learning. For many employers, this extends to tuition subsidies at outside institutions, such as Verafin Inc. in St. John’s that offers grants for courses both related and unrelated to an employee’s current role."


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