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Connecting urban mobility and passenger experience

"From being rated the best railway operator in the customer satisfaction-based Swedish Quality Index Survey four years in a row, to maintaining a 99.9 percent on-time rate in Hong Kong, MTR Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer – European Business Jeremy Long, explains how innovation in digital technology has been central to enhancing both MTR’s customer experience and railway service worldwide.

In an industry traditionally reliant on manpower and manual control, the efficiency of daily rail operations has been transformed by digital developments – and with it, a new era of smart mobility has been brought to cities around the world. Industry-wide, situations that have previously provided huge challenges, such as crowd control and information dissemination, have become manageable, making the 21st century a very exciting time to be in rail. MTR believes the true power of digital technology lies in its ability to revolutionize customer experience with personalized time and cost-saving mechanisms."

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