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How 5 digital initiatives are transforming the healthcare industry

When it comes to the healthcare industry, it seems impossible to make a change. With stakes that can mean life-or-death and a highly regulated industry, innovating is necessary. Find out how these five innovation initiatives are leading the way and changing the way we think of health services, according to Rolando Hinojosa, via BIV. 

Ayogo Health

Founded in 2011 out of a predecessor company, Ayogo marries behavioral science and software to help patients and health-care professionals assess, track and manage therapy and care for a variety of health conditions. 

For Michael Fergusson, CEO and co-founder of Ayogo Health, “disruption is not always virtuous. You need to pick your battles very carefully”.

Careteam Technologies

Careteam uses a smart overlay on electronic medical records to create collaboration between organizations and patients across increasingly complex and fragmented health-care systems.

How 5 digital innovators are transforming the healthcare industry

“It’s an absolute myth that physicians hate technology. As health care was gradually digitized, physicians were forced to use tools that were not designed for clinical practice, so they have developed a deep mistrust for all the overpromising and under-delivering that technology companies have thrown their way,” said Careteam Technologies co-founder, CEO and chief medical officer Alexandra Greenhill.


Founded in 2013, Curatio creates personalized private networks to help acquire and retain patients using social network theory and daily disease management tools that incorporate artificial intelligence, machine learning, and matchmaking for peer support.

“Our desire is that every patient on the planet has the private, personalized social support they need to achieve their best outcomes and live their healthiest lives,” said Curatio co-founder and CEO Lynda Brown-Ganzert.

The company said its platform is now being used in more than 85 countries and in four languages.

How 5 digital innovators are transforming the healthcare industry

Claris Healthcare

Founded in 2012, Claris helps patients and health-care providers monitor health through wearable devices, tablets, and its communications platform, ensuring improved outcomes in social care, chronic care, and acute care.

“I sometimes joke that the key to success in business is simply surviving long enough to be a success,” said Claris Healthcare co-founder, president and CEO Geof Auchinleck.

Precision OS Technologies

Danny Goel is the co-founder and CEO of Precision OS Technologies, a company that fuses medicine and game development to offer orthopedic surgical education and pre-operative planning through virtual reality simulations.

“Timing is everything, as we would not be having this conversation five or 10 years ago related to emerging technologies,” Goel said.

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