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New Sunnybrook brain centre will mean ‘better outcomes for patients’

"The new centre will bring together health-care teams from across the brain sciences field such as psychiatry, neurology, imaging, neurosurgery and geriatric medicine.

Clinical and research space will be located beside each other in the building.

“Right now, they’re situated in different parts of the hospital and we know, historically, the further away the clinicians are from the researchers, the less chance there is to make those rapid advances, to recruit subjects into studies and to be able to care for those subjects,” Levitt said.

Among the features in the centre are 48 in-patient mental health beds. Patients will have their own room and washroom.

“For my son, who was here twice, he had to move out of his room into the hallway because there were three other guys in the room who were making so much noise at night … he couldn’t sleep,” Reid said. “When you’re recovering, it’s really important to have your own space and feel safe and be able to stay quiet at times.”"


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