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OTA Praises Toronto for Enforcement of Emission Rules

“The Ontario Trucking Association said Tuesday changes to the commercial vehicle program within the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan (MOEP) will make the province the leader in North America for enforcing heavy truck emissions rules.

The measure highlights a phased-in approach that will align environmental testing of trucks’ emissions control systems with the Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) Periodic Mandatory Commercial Vehicle Inspection requirement, the association said.

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Under the plan, combined safety and emissions inspections would be required annually, starting when a vehicle is first registered in Ontario. Part of the inspection will require a physical and electronic emissions system-tampering test.

The government has said it will work with all stakeholders to develop these testing protocols prior to implementation in 2021.

The association said it is also working with the authorities to ensure that annual inspections, which include anti-tampering checks, are electronically linked.

For the first time in Ontario, those who enable environmentally non-compliant trucking operators will face significant consequences, the association said.

“This program will bring real, effectual enforcement and tangible reductions to heavy-duty diesel emissions,” Laskowski added.

“When these regulations are passed, Ontario will be the first jurisdiction in North America to inspect vehicles at roadside for emissions tampering as well as during their annual safety inspection.”


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