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Ottawa tech 2019 roundtable: Is there sufficient capital and office space to support growth?

"Techopia recently gathered a diverse swath of leaders in tech and related businesses, as well as representatives from our Techopia champions, to discuss a series of issues affecting Ottawa’s startups and established tech companies alike.

The roundtable gave honest feedback on issues such as access to capital and the availability of suitable office space in the market. We asked whether we’re back in the golden days of funding flowing into Ottawa and about how the trend towards co-working and shorter-term leases are affecting commercial real estate in the city.

What follows is part of an edited transcript of our two-hour discussion reflecting on the year – and decade – that was in Ottawa tech. Additional topics such as LRT and Ottawa’s talent pool have already been posted here, while transcripts on the impact of Shopify on Ottawa businesses and challenges in the year ahead will be published in the coming weeks."

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