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Startups to Partner with NYC Agencies as Part of Transit Lab

"A handful of transportation tech startups will get the chance to test and demonstrate their effectiveness in what is arguably the most transit-centric city in the country.

Nine companies have been selected to partner with New York City transit agencies in three primary focus areas: accessibility, revenue generation, and curb management. The companies will operate under the banner of the Transit Tech Lab, an arm of the Transit Innovation Partnership, a public-private organization dedicated to forming a bridge between public transit agencies and private tech providers.

"We feel that New York is uniquely positioned to be the epicenter for these public-private innovative partnerships,” said Rachel Haot, executive director of the Transit Innovation Partnership. “Because of the size and scope of our system, and also the fact that we’re seeing in the mobility sector and the private sector an enormous amount of investment. And a lot of technologies have not yet made their way here, and so we’re excited to implement them in the public sector.”

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