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The Benefits of a Staff Shuttle

Courtesy employee shuttle is a growing trend in the private sector amid mounting concerns over traffic congestion and parking availability across the GTA. Employee shuttles present a new dimension to workplace travel by converting non-productive travel time into positive, productive staff time. In fact, Mulmer Services operates a number of employee and tenant shuttle services for a wide variety of customers including healthcare institutions, private condominiums, and corporations in the GTA and surrounding areas.

There are several benefits of a courtesy shuttle to both the employer and employee.

Increased productivity, well-being, and morale of staff. According to Psychology Today, commuting is “the stress that doesn’t pay”. In fact, commuting negatively affects our psychological health and social lives. Down time while on the shuttle provides an opportunity for employees to socialize with their peers or prepare for the busy work day ahead. Further, daily scheduled shuttles ensure all employees arrive at the office on time and stress-free. Happy, well-rested employees equates to higher retention and job satisfaction.

  • Reduced costs to the employee and employer. Employees save on fuel costs, car maintenance, insurance, and parking fees. Employers can save on car allowances or reimbursements for travel expenses.

  • Encourage the use of public transportation. Providing transportation to the office from frequented public transportation hubs is a ‘greener’ and more sustainable alternative to a private commute. Plus, employees can receive a federal tax credit for transit passes!

  • A stronger corporate identity. Be known as a corporation that values the safety, well-being, and work-life balance of its employees.

  • Interior or exterior bus advertising for additional revenue or advertising space.

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