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The Change Foundation looks to honour Ontario healthcare innovators

"The Change Foundation announced the launch of the Future Innovator Awards, an Ontario-wide search for people, organizations and partnerships focused on making the healthcare experience better.

The Change Foundation, an independent health policy think-tank, works to inform positive change in Ontario's healthcare system in partnership with patients, caregivers, and providers. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, the Foundation will recognize up to five people, teams and/or organizations that have a strong vision for positive change and have the potential to make a notable impact over the coming years, as Ontario's healthcare system continually evolves.

"We know there are people and organizations in Ontario who are laser-focused on making experiences for caregivers and patients better and we believe they deserve to be recognized," said Cathy Fooks, President, and CEO at The Change Foundation. "The Foundation's goal is to see patients and caregivers recognized and supported properly within the healthcare system now and 25 years from now. By recognizing innovators in this space, it helps promote future innovations."

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