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Toronto charity creates robot to entertain, educate kids who can’t go to school due to severe illnes

"Seven-year-old Ethan Hayes and his older sister, Chloe, sit on their family room floor in Toronto’s east end, dutifully engaged with their new guest.

After story time, a dance party and some math games, the kids become curious. They start to poke and ask questions, and Zenbo, their new companion robot, is happy to oblige, rolling around the room and telling jokes.

It gets its biggest laugh with, “How does the train eat? It goes choo choo."

Zenbo the companion robot is a pilot project from Toronto-based charity Chai Lifeline Canada, an organization that supports families with children going through serious illness, in partnership with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. The little googly-eyed robot is designed to entertain kids stuck at home or in the hospital, even helping them with their school work."

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