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Toronto’s tech labour force has grown explosively in just five years

"Attesting to its status as a leading technology and entrepreneurial hub, Toronto saw the largest proportionate growth in technology jobs of any North American city over the past half-decade, according to CBRE’s “Scoring Tech Talent in North America 2019” report.

Over the past five years, the city saw its number of tech industry employees grow by a massive 54% to a total of 228,500 professionals.

This far outpaced the growth observed in other North American heavyweight tech talent markets like San Francisco (33.4%, total of 353,760); New York (20.5%, total of 264,374); and Washington, D.C. (2.2% total of 253,660).

Vancouver was also no slouch in its expansion, posting 42.6% growth over five years, for a total of 74,700 professionals."

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