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Reasons to Hire a Corporate Shuttle Service

Daily work commute has become a common problem. Technology has brought the world closer, but it is still a challenge to travel to and from work every day. Crowded spaces, busy buses, unforgiving weather and slow traffic are just a few of the reasons companies have started adopting dedicated corporate shuttle transportation for their employees. Learn more about the main benefits of a corportate shuttle bus.

Well-being and Productivity Most shuttles pick and drop employees at bus stops and intersections, where employees are likely to gather for pickup. Providing a corporate shuttle bus service reduces the employee’s traveling stress to a great extent. They get a chance to relax, check their emails, plan the day, and catch up on the news on their way to work.

Time Management Corporate shuttle buses spare employees from driving in traffic and make productive use of their time, especially because the buses operate under schedules and routes that are thought to attend the company's needs. Needless to say, employees using shuttle service find it easier to reach their workplace on time.

Improved Employee Benefits While looking for employment, in addition to the salary package and opportunities, candidates strongly consider their commute when making career decisions. If the company provides a shuttle bus service, prospective employees may view their as a major incentive, positioning your organization as one that cares about their employees’ time, well-being and work-life balance.

Health & Safety of Your Employees During the Pandemic

These are unprecedented times and MSL is committed to ensuring that we have the safest service available based on our new covid-19 safe driving policy and protocol. Utilizing shuttle buses can minimize the risk of exposure to staff during transit to and from the office, thus sustaining the health of your workforce.

Teamwork One of the best ways to keep a team healthy is to let the teammates spend some casual time together. Traveling together can be a great way to encourage interaction amongst coworkers. It helps build team spirit since the employees can get to know each other better.

Environment-Friendly The environmental benefits of having a corporate shuttle service are tremendous. Statistically, it is proven that private vehicles contribute to 60% of carbon dioxide emissions while buses contribute to 20% of the emissions.

Employee shuttle bus services can bring numerous benefits for both the company and staff. If you are interested in launching a dedicated shuttle service for your business, get in touch with us for a free quote.

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