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Ottawa airport looking at driverless shuttle service

"The Ottawa International Airport could become the first location in Canada with a driverless shuttle service for public use.

The airport authority and others are looking at introducing an autonomous shuttle to ferry people from external parking lots to the terminal on a regular route, a proposal that’s still in its early stages.

“We are interested in participating in it,” said airport spokeswoman Krista Kealey. “It is premature to say if and when, but it is something that we are very interested in seeing go forward.”

Earlier this year, airport president and CEO Mark Laroche talked about the project at an autonomous vehicle conference in Ottawa.

He foresaw a shuttle running from the airport’s external parking lots to the terminal that could carry between four and eight passengers, be accessible to travelers with disabilities and have “winter capabilities.” It could also include a memory recall system that would store departing passengers’ information to help them locate their vehicle when they returned, he said."


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