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Ottawa to begin sharing data with Waze for Cities

"The City of Ottawa has announced plans to partner with the Waze for Cities program.

“Many residents need road and traffic information to get around in their busy work and family lives. Whether they need to pick their children up from daycare or take them to the rink for a practice or a game, taking the best route is key to making their schedule,” said Councillor Stephen Blais, Ottawa’s chair of the transportation committee, in a press release. “This data-sharing partnership with Waze puts City traffic information right in the palms of their hands – enhancing the lives of parents and their kids.”

The program, which already exists in other major North American metropolitan areas like Toronto, Montreal, New York, and San Francisco, facilitates the sharing of transit data from cities to be incorporated into the crowd-sourced Waze transit app to allow for more accurate and up-to-date traffic reports.

“The Waze map is a unique tool that evolves with every driver and data point it receives, promoting safer roads and sharing more knowledge with Wazers about potential delays to their commutes,” said Mike Wilson, Waze’s country manager for Canada, in the press release. “Waze is excited to have Ottawa join the Waze for Cities program as a new partner, giving local citizens a greater ability to circumvent road closures and traffic jams within the app.”


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