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The Future of Urban Transportation

"Urban transportation is evolving so fast that it's hard to imagine what our roads and skies will look like in just a few years. From flying taxis to underground roads, many transformative ideas are already in design or even just a few regulatory steps away from becoming a reality.

Bellow we're taking a look at some of these future transportation innovations, and also discussing some of the ethical challenges and societal changes they may along bring with them.

Flying taxis

In an effort to reduce road congestion and decrease travel time, a new aerial transportation method may be coming to our skies. At least 20 companies are in the race to make flying taxis a reality. These taxis would move passengers in small planes, but there's a long regulatory process that awaits. Some concerns include safety, costs, and noise pollution.

Driverless cars

While cars driven by robots may seem like the beginning of a scary sci-fi film, these vehicles are already in the testing phase and out on the road. Several accidents and deaths have been attributed to the vehicles, although companies such as Tesla point out that crashes are still way more likely with the autopilot turned off.

Driverless cars hope to reduce accidents due to human error. The vehicles come with their fair share of controversies, such as ethical questions, privacy concerns, and legal ramifications that are still being addressed."

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