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The Union Station Revitalization Project Is Almost Complete

"The Union Station Revitalization Project (USRP) has been one of the biggest developments the city has ever undergone. Due to the complexity of this project, the USRP has been under construction for many years, more than the city initially anticipated. Union Station is one of the busiest transportation hubs in the country and this project plans to expand this transit hub to triple its current size. The City of Toronto initially started this project back in 2009 with the intention to enhance the experience for commuters as hundreds of thousands walk through Union Station everyday.

Union Station first opened its doors to the public in 1927 and is considered one of Toronto’s biggest historical landmarks. When construction first began, the city couldn’t anticipate the amount of work that goes into a site that is nearly 100 years old. In order to preserve this landmark, it needs to be restored and the USRP is working to maintain its history while making improvements to the remaining transit hub."

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