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Toronto is Clearing the Roadblocks for New Subways

"Ontario is working with the City of Toronto to deliver its modern, integrated transit network so commuters can get to work on time and home to their families and loved ones quickly. This $28.5 billion plan includes four key priority transit projects: the Yonge North Subway Extension, the Eglinton West Crosstown Extension, an improved three-stop Scarborough Subway Extension, and the all-new Ontario Line.

"Our government promised the people of Ontario that we would get subways built, and get them building quickly," said Premier Doug Ford. "Working with all three levels of government, we are clearing the roadblocks and getting shovels in the ground - now we are asking the federal government to commit to increasing their contribution and funding their fair share."

"Our partnership with Toronto marks a unique and pivotal moment in the history of Toronto transit," said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation. "We have entered into a new era of cooperation and endorsed one single unified plan for subway expansion in Toronto."

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