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VIDEO: Ottawa hands the wheel to driverless technology

"At the Ottawa L5 test facility(link is external), cars and shuttles are cruising on a road network that looks just like real city streets, but no one’s at the wheel. That’s because "L5" stands for level 5, the highest level of vehicle intelligence and automation; these driverless vehicles are equipped with technology that lets them talk to the private test track’s advanced communications networks so that they can safely navigate the roads.

This is the first fully-integrated Connected and Autonomous test environment of its kind in North America, offering 1,866 acres of land – enough space to fit over 4,000 hockey rinks! With 16 kilometers of routes, it’s an ideal space for Ottawa’s high-tech players to research and develop autonomous vehicle (AV) technology that will revolutionize how we get around our cities in the future."


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