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We Are Hiring! Meet our Driver’s Trainer Gino!

I just love my job!

Gino R.

At Mulmer Services, our drivers are our greatest asset. Each day, they transport thousands of passengers safely and efficiently to offices, community centers, and hospitals across the GTA and Ottawa.

Our newest blog series will showcase some of our over 50 dedicated shuttle bus drivers and staff. To kick off the series, meet Gino, our Driver’s Trainer!

Mulmer Services Staff: Meet Gino!

Gino began working at Mulmer Services seven years ago. He was first hired as a driver for a regular scheduled shuttle route at a large college campus in Toronto. After excelling in this position, Gino quickly transitioned to the position of Spare Driver. As a Spare Driver, Gino was tasked with learning each and every single scheduled route at MSL, as well as driving charters. In fact, Gino has thorough knowledge of the GTA and a remarkable ability to learn and teach new routes. Another key point, Gino is exceptionally hard working, reliable, and a mentor to many of his peers.

After many years of driving, Gino naturally transitioned to a role on our Service Team. As a member of the Service Team, Gino would assist with all activities related to the timely servicing of our fleet. This included basic maintenance as well as liaising with our service shops to facilitate repairs and inspections.

Moreover, all of ours drivers know that if they have an issue, they can reach out to Gino for support. Gino represents all drivers as a member of our Joint Health & Safety Committee. Along with other members of the JHSC, Gino conducts quarterly safety audits on all of our vehicles and addresses any safety concerns expressed by our drivers.

Current Responsibilities After Promotion

In November 2017, Gino became a member of MSL’s Safety and Compliance Team. Gino supports Kathleen Knott as a Driver Trainer. Gino trains any new driver who joins our team. The training program that Gino delivers includes vehicle, route, and safety training.

Like many of our drivers, Gino had a very successful first career in the screen printing industry before joining our team. He loves driving and is passionate about Formula 1. Gino also keeps up to date with all of the latest news in the transportation industry.

Moira, our Office Administrator, notes that “Gino is a member of the staff that you can trust no matter what. Gino supports operations in so many ways, from driving to training to supporting administration. His passion for his work is remarkable. I couldn’t imagine MSL without Gino here!”

Join Our Team

If you want to work and grow with our company, click here and apply today! We accept new drivers on an ongoing basis.

Moreover, you can read about our Driver Retention Program in the previous blog post.

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Engaged, enthusiastic, and loyal employees are pivotal drivers of growth and health in any organization.Patrick Lencioni

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