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Why Ottawa’s ByWard Market needs an upgrade

"Deek Labelle is happy to hear that changes are coming to the ByWard Market in Ottawa, especially since her family has been involved with one of the city’s oldest businesses for nearly half a century.

Modernization of the area will have a positive impact on the city, according to Ms. Labelle, general manager of Chateau Lafayette.

“It would change everything with how business is done in the ByWard Market,” says Ms. Labelle, a board member of the ByWard Market BIA.

‘The Laff’ as it’s better known, is Ottawa’s oldest tavern. It was established not long after the ByWard Market itself – one of Canada’s oldest and largest public markets – was first established in 1826. Ms. Labelle’s family has been involved with the property since the 1960s.

The preferred design concept for the area, to be presented to stakeholders this month, is set to be an unprecedented revitalization project combining European market influence, pedestrian-friendly access and modernized shopping experience for the city’s busiest attraction."


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