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5 Reasons Why Employee Shuttles Are Good For Business

Many companies now offer group transportation and shuttle service options to help ease the commute for their employees. The environmental benefits of the trend are clear―fewer cars burning fuel, crowding urban streets, and taking up valuable parking areas. But employers are also discovering that the benefits of a shorter or more pleasant commute make for healthier, happier employees.

Some of the options our Seattle-area clients use include offering a shuttle that picks up employees from public transit hubs, such as King Street Station and popular Metro stops, and takes them the rest of the way to work. Other clients run a roving shuttle during the morning and evening, taking employees between the office and less crowded off-site parking locations. Check out these five great reasons to consider offering a shuttle service for your employees.

  1. Your employees will probably feel better. Employees who take advantage of a corporate shuttle can use the downtime to prepare for their day, get a jump start on their email, or just rest and relax while someone else drives. They may even get healthier; studies show that stress-related health problems like high blood pressure, anxiety, high cholesterol, and depression are all associated with routinely driving in traffic day in and day out.

  2. You’ll strengthen your reputation as a great place to work with nice perks. It’s good for business to be known as a desirable employer, one that cares about their employees and supports a reasonable work-life balance.

  3. Your shuttle service may attract and keep more great employees. A shuttle program may help attract more new hires and reduce turnover because in addition to the health and wellness benefits, employees know they will save money on transportation costs. Social interaction is another benefit for employees. It’s a nearly foolproof way for them to make friends with and get to know their colleagues, which helps them feel more connected to their workplace and have a sense of teamwork.

  4. Commuter shuttles might save you money, too. A commuter shuttle service might be less expensive over time than paying for employees’ mileage or building a parking garage. You may also get tax credits for offering commuter programs.

  5. Going green helps everybody! Encouraging your employees to rideshare and join the company shuttle greatly reduces your company’s carbon footprint. Fewer vehicles on the road is a good move for your company, your employees, and your community.

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