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Benefits of Digital Display Screens & CRM Software

Welcome back to our blog series on advanced technology initiatives! Our previous post in the series explored the benefits of GPS technology and telematics software. This week we focus on two of our newest tech initiatives: digital display screens and CRM software.

Digital Display Screens

We can use in-vehicle screens in different areas. For instance, showing display service and route information, hospital notices, safety messages. Moreover, to convey non-travel content, such as news clips, sports, culture, events, and weather. We can update content any time, and almost immediately. Digital display screens also serve as a unique advertising revenue stream for our customers and their partners. If you're ever interested in advertising in displays of our shuttles and vans, you can shoot an e-mail to:

Customer Relationship Management Software

The success of our company rests on strong customer relationships that we nourish every day. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows us to manage, visualize, and share critical information, reports, and analytics with our customers. We also utilize this software to track, evaluate, and distribute Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to the customers. CRM systems store information in one place which leads to improved analyzing of the data as a whole. We have the ability to generate automatic reports to maximize our time. With quality reporting data we can make resourceful and effective decisions to receive the rewards in valuable customer loyalty and long run profitability.

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