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Power of GPS for Our Drivers


Mulmer Services strives to be an innovator and leader in our field. We accomplish this by leveraging available technologies to both optimize fleet performance and deliver a better customer experience. For example, all of our vehicles are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. It allows us to relay critical information – such an engine codes, and exact vehicle location – each and every minute that our vehicles are in service.

The benefits of GPS systems are numerous. Our unique GPS and mapping software allows us to monitor the location, speed, start/stop times. It helps us to harsh acceleration or braking. This system also allows us to monitor traffic congestion on major roadways. That way we can reroute our vehicle in the event of an accident, road closure, or heavy traffic.

Road Restrictions Maps

In our daily operations, we also draw on a number of public mapping tools that may alert us to upcoming construction or special events. One of our favorite tools is the Road Restrictions Map maintained by the City of Toronto. They update the interactive map several times daily, and you can find it on the company's website. The tool maps ongoing construction projects based on expected impact to local traffic. It also provides a detailed look at the long-term time frame of each project, as well as the number of hours the construction crew may be blocking a roadway.

We often hear the joke that there are only two seasons in Toronto: winter and construction. At Mulmer Services, we do our best to mitigate the impact of construction on our daily services by persistently monitoring public maps as well as our internal GPS software. We challenge you to use the map to find the clearest route home today!


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