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Track Your Shuttle Bus? Mulmer Services Has MSL App for That

We are proud to be the first private transportation company to develop a secure, route-specific bus tracking MSL mobile App for our customers.

The MSL Mobile App Benefits

  1. Bus Tracking: The MSL Mobile App allows our passengers to view the bus’ location and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

  2. Notifications: Passengers can further opt to receive notification when the bus is 5, 10, or 15 minutes from their location.

  3. Simply Download: This App is available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores.

  4. Integration: You can also integrate this technology for display on digital screens in lobbies or common areas to ensure that passengers always get where they are going – on time.

The MSL Mobile App Video Tutorial

Check a simple and quick video tutorial:


Begin using our App by downloading it in your app store:

Download our guide (PDF) below for additional instructions:

From our Team: Please, drive safe.

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