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4 Tips to Prepare for Winter Driving

Our turkey hangovers have come and gone, the temperature outside is steadily dropping and leaves are changing colour. Winter is just around the corner, and although many of us are preparing for the season by pulling out scarves, mitts and our warmest parkas, equipping your car for the frigid months ahead is an important step that many people overlook. We’ve put together a list of tips to make sure you’re ready for whatever this winter throws our way.

Vehicle Maintenance

Cold weather is hard on your vehicle, so make sure to get a full check up before the cooler months arrive. Things to have checked are:

  1. Battery

  2. Ignition system

  3. Lights

  4. Exhaust system

  5. Heating and cooling system

  6. Windshield wipers

Install Winter Tires

Inevitability the snow will fall this winter, and for the safety of yourself and others on the road, winter tires are recommended. Ensure you have four matching tires, which will improve vehicle handling, and that you regularly check your tire pressure to ensure the best traction on slush and snow covered roads. Another bonus of installing winter tires: many insurance companies in Ontario are now giving a discount if you do so.

Be Prepared

During the winter it’s important to take the time to prepare your vehicle to ensure you’re ready for any condition. Having the proper tools on hand can save time and keep you safe. Make sure to have:

  1. shovel

  2. snow brush and ice scraper

  3. sand and traction mats

  4. tow chain

  5. booster cables

  6. fire extinguisher

  7. extra windshield washer fluid

  8. fuel line antifreeze

Pack an Emergency Kit

In the event of an emergency, ensure you are prepared to spend a number of hours in below zero temperatures while assistance is on the way. Include the below in your kit:

  1. warning light or road flares

  2. a reflective vest

  3. extra clothing and footwear

  4. warm hat and gloves

  5. emergency food pack

  6. emergency blanket

  7. a flashlight


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