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5 Reasons to Retire in Canada

"When it comes to choosing a retirement destination, Americans may want to look north of the border to Canada. While not a sun-and-surf destination, Canada has many things to recommend it when it comes to living out a comfortable retirement, including affordable housing, low crime rates and close proximity to the U.S. border. Here are five top reasons to consider a move.


  1. Americans who immigrate to Canada become eligible to use the country's universal healthcare system once they receive permanent resident status.

  2. Culturally, Canadians are similar enough to Americans that living there will be a reasonable fit for most people.

  3. Permanent residents of Canada are eligible to participate in Canada's pharmacare programs, designed to ensure prescription medication remains affordable and accessible.

  4. Real estate is quite reasonable and affordable throughout the country except for major urban centers.

  5. America's next-door neighbor means people can visit their loved ones quickly, often without having to endure a long flight or high airfares."

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